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In the words of albert Einstein ” everything should be made simple, but not simpler” and that’s how we apply ourselves to our work.

Climbing quickly from a very humble beginning rapid steel has launched itself into the steel industry and has taken off, acquiring our team along the way has been a journey, letting people go and finding others, but that’s life.

The directors at rapid steel had a vision, we wanted to be the best, we wanted to provide a service we were proud of, now obviously in the real world perfection doesn’t exist but we’ve had a very good go at getting as close as possible.

The vision shared with employees:
It’s only fair if the companies doing well the employees do well do. Because of course no employees no business ! we have shared our vision and our passion with every employee, for us is they do not share our passion they are not for us.

There must be a love for the job you do, there must be pride in your work. Without love and pride we are computers carrying out a task. So it’s of huge importance that everyone here is on the same page striving for the same level of production.

Our vision moving forward:

Every mistake a lesson must be learnt otherwise that mistake was not only a mistake but a waste of time. We learn a lesson when a mistake is made and next time we do it better.

It’s ridiculous to say we never make mistakes because we do, we are human, it’s not about the mistake it’s how you put that mistake right. This is what we focus on knowing what we know.

With rapid steel you will have a personal account manager who we liase with the directors throughout good and bad circumstances, we want our customers to remain in safe and competent hands throughout there project and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you place and order with us.

Be part of our growth, be part of our success.

Onwards and upwards!

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